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Modern devices for measuring the area of agricultural fields

Table of contents
  1. GPS/GNSS-based Systems
  2. The GM SPIKE Receiver with the Geometer SCOUT Mobile App
  3. GM PRO Model S Receiver with Geometer SCOUT Mobile App
  4. Comparative Analysis

In the expansive fields of modern agriculture, where every square inch can influence productivity and profitability, the precise measurement of agricultural land is more than just a necessity - it's a foundation for success. Gone are the days when farmers and agronomists relied solely on physical markers and rough estimates to gauge the size and boundaries of their lands. Today, a revolution is underway, driven by technological innovations that promise not only to improve the accuracy of land measurements but also to enhance the overall efficiency and sustainability of farming practices.

This transformation is led by an array of sophisticated devices, ranging from high-flying drones to satellites orbiting the Earth, all designed with a singular aim: to provide farmers, agronomists, and seed production companies with precise, real-time data about their agricultural fields. Such advancements are not merely about replacing old tools with new gadgets; they are about reimagining what's possible in agriculture, making informed decisions based on accurate data, and ultimately achieving higher yields with fewer resources.

GPS/GNSS-based Systems

Among the plethora of modern technologies that have revolutionized agricultural measurements, GPS/GNSS-based systems stand out for their precision, reliability, and adaptability. Two notable examples of such innovations are the GNSS receiver GM SPIKE, used in conjunction with the geometer SCOUT mobile application for Android, and the more sophisticated GNSS receiver GM PRO model S. These devices exemplify the advanced solutions available to farmers and agronomists, enabling them to measure and manage their fields with the geometer SCOUT app with unprecedented accuracy.

The GM SPIKE Receiver with the Geometer SCOUT Mobile App

The GM SPIKE receiver, when combined with the Geometer SCOUT mobile app, represents a significant advancement in the accuracy of field area measurements. Traditional methods, including the use of mobile phones and basic GPS devices, often fail to deliver the precision required for modern precision agriculture. The GM SPIKE receiver addresses this gap, providing enhanced accuracy essential for effective farm management, crop planning, and resource allocation.

  • Enhanced Precision: Compared to standard mobile phones, the GM SPIKE receiver offers improved accuracy for measuring agricultural fields. This level of precision is basic yet sufficient for farmers and agronomists who are adopting precision agriculture technologies.
  • Ease of Use: Integration with the geometer SCOUT mobile application for Android makes the measurement process more convenient. The geometer SCOUT app allows farmers and agronomists to utilize the data for making informed farm management decisions.
  • Cost Efficiency: By improving measurement accuracy, the GM SPIKE receiver with the geometer SCOUT app helps reduce resource wastage, thereby contributing to cost savings in the long term.

Take a closer look at this video example where the area measurement of a stadium with a standard smartphone and the Geometer SCOUT app is compared to the measurement using the connected GNSS receiver GM SPIKE:

You will clearly see that the accuracy of a smartphone's internal GPS receiver does not allow for precise area measurements; the shape of the field and its boundaries do not match the actual ones. The return to the starting point occurred with a large error. The presence of the GM SPIKE GNSS receiver significantly improves the accuracy of measurements, the contour of the field has the correct shape, and the calculated area is reliable and confirmed by a double measurement.
GM PRO Model S Receiver with Geometer SCOUT Mobile App

For those seeking even greater capabilities, the GM PRO model S receiver offers a robust solution. This advanced GNSS receiver goes beyond simple area measurements, providing precise work with points to an accuracy of up to 50 cm without a subscription to correction signals. This feature is particularly beneficial for tasks requiring high precision, such as planting, soil sampling, and farm infrastructure planning.

  • High Precision Without Subscription: The ability to achieve up to 50 cm accuracy without the need for a correction signal subscription sets the GM PRO model S receiver apart. This precision is crucial for defining field boundaries, calculating area for seed and fertilizer applications, and planning irrigation systems. It allows for significant cost savings through high accuracy without paid corrections.
  • Versatility of Applications: Besides measuring field areas, the GM PRO model S can be used for a variety of precise tasks, making it a versatile tool in the agricultural toolkit.
  • Long-Term Investment: Although the initial investment may be higher compared to simpler models, the broad range of applications and savings due to enhanced accuracy make the GNSS receiver GM PRO model S a wise long-term investment for serious agricultural professionals.
Comparative Analysis
Feature GM SPIKE with geometer SCOUT App GM PRO Model S with geometer SCOUT App
Accuracy Enhanced accuracy compared to mobile phones Up to 50 cm accuracy without correction signals
Applications Field area measurement, distance measurement Field area measurement, distance measurement, precision work with points
User-Friendliness High, with an intuitive mobile app High, designed for professional use
Cost-Effectiveness Reduces resource wastage Saves costs through precision and versatility
Ideal For Farms needing improved measurement accuracy Farms requiring high precision for diverse applications


These two GNSS receivers showcase the cool gadgets now available to people in the agricultural sector. By choosing what best suits their needs, farmers and agronomists can do their work much better and more productively. Whether it's the improved accuracy from the GM SPIKE receiver for regular field area measurements or the even higher precision and expanded range of tasks with the GM PRO model S for very precise farming, these gadgets represent the pinnacle of farming innovations.


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The kit of equipment: geometer mobile application (Android OS) for precise land area measurement with a GM Spike receiver (SBAS). This is the optimal kit for measuring the area, distances and marking waypoints. An external receiver with an antenna is used to improve the sensitivity and quality of the GPS/GNSS signal. You will be able to carry out the necessary work with the area, namely: to measure the area of ​​fields of any shape, measure distances, create electronic maps, cutting unproductive areas and many other operations. 

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The kit of equipment: geometer mobile application (Android OS), for precise land area measurement with rugged smartphone and GM Spike receiver (SBAS). The geometer SCOUT GM Spike kit opens up completely new opportunities for agronomists in measuring the area of agricultural fields. Extremely protected device with new unique functions will allow every agronomist, manager or accountant to perform their work more efficiently and effectively.

Single-frequency GNSS kit with decimeter accuracy on a free satellite signal, and with the ability to obtain RTK L1 accuracy. A new series of GPS/GNSS receivers in a compact GM PRO mini body. The kit consists of a protected smartphone with the "geometer SCOUT" software installed and a GM PRO model S GNSS receiver that communicates with the smartphone using a Bluetooth.

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