Best deal on our products for UK and EU customers with zero tariffs on all goods from Ukraine.
Best deal on our products for UK and EU customers with zero tariffs on all goods from Ukraine.

Tractor GPS/GNSS guidance systems

The agricultural guidance system allows you to achieve high accuracy in spraying and sowing. Through the use of satellite data and geolocation, tractors accurately follow predetermined routes and control the consumption of fertilizers, chemicals and seeds. This reduces the overlap of the cultivated area, avoids shortage or excess of resources, and improves the uniformity of distribution, which leads to optimal use of resources and improved quality of agricultural work.

The agricultural guidance system helps agricultural enterprises reduce the negative impact on the environment. Thanks to more precise positioning and control of resource consumption, it is possible to reduce the use of chemicals and fertilizers, which leads to less pollution of soil and water resources. More efficient use of resources also contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and negative impacts on the climate system.

The use of the agricultural navigation system on tractors helps to increase productivity and reduce costs. With automated control and precise positioning, farm equipment can work more efficiently, reducing task completion time and increasing the working area. This reduces fuel costs, time and labor costs, which is a significant economic advantage for agricultural enterprises.

The agricultural guidance system provides valuable information about fields and operations, which allows you to analyze and optimize farming processes. Agronomists and farmers can get information about soil quality, weather conditions and yields to make informed decisions and improve farming planning. This improves the quality of the harvest, increases yields and optimizes the use of resources.

The company Geometer International LLC offers its own development of agricultural guidance systems, high-performance systems are offered using a free satellite signal, as well as with RTK absolute accuracy technology.

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Agricultural guidance system geotrack Lite is based on Samsung's 8.7-inch display, geotrack software and GM SMART receiver. The receiver has 335 channels to work with all available satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, QZSS, SBAS. Provides accuracy of tractor guidance, at the level of 15 cm from pass-to-pass. The GM SMART receiver has a special software smoothing filter, which was developed for use in agriculture. Thanks to the smoothing mode feature high accuracy of parallel driving is provided. 

Agricultural guidance system geotrack Lite RTK L1/L2 is based on Samsung's 8.7-inch display with LTE, geotrack software and dual-frequency GM SMART receiver L1/L2. This is a low-cost agricultural guidance system with RTK that works with an accuracy of up to 2.5 cm. To get centimeter accuracy, you need RTK corrections or your own base station.

Agricultural guidance system geotrack explorer PLUS is a new development by Geometer company, which provides 15 cm of accuracy from pass-to-pass, and the ability to connect to RTK and obtain an accuracy of 1-3 cm

Set of agricultural navigation GeoTrack Explorer PLUS RTK - a system with an unlocked dual-frequency receiver L1/L2 for operation from a base station or from a correction service. The system provides a parallel driving accuracy of 15 cm from pass-to-pass on a free signal and an accuracy of 1-3 cm with corrections.

Powerful field computer with industrial dust and moisture protection and drop resistant by military standards for precision agriculture and outdoor GNSS antenna for tractor guidance system.

The kit of equipment: agricultural mobile application geotrack with a GM SMART receiver. This is the optimal kit that will allow you to create your own agricultural guidance system (tractor gps, sprayer gps) with stable accuracy of 15 cm from pass-to-pass

Geotrack Lite agro-navigation kit is based on Samsung's 8.7-inch display, geotrack software and GM Spike receiver. A set of basic navigation system with an entry level of accuracy.

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The kit of equipment: geotrack software with GM Spike receiver - the most budget kit that will allow you to create your own agricultural guidance system with floating precision for use with wide-reaching machinery.

Agricultural guidance systems under the geotrack brand are easy-to-use devices with a large touch screen that is clearly visible even on a bright, sunny day.

A feature of geotrack guidance systems is the company's approach to the quality and relevance of products. From December 2021, the company updated its most popular GM SMART receiver with a new 8th generation chip. Now it is a GNSS RTK receiver with the possibility of improvement to the level of a professional dual-frequency receiver L1, L2. This allows you to connect to any network of RTK signal and work with an accuracy of 2.5 cm. The Geometer company is the first company in Ukraine which creates products of international quality.