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Best deals for UK and EU customers with zero tariffs on all products from Ukraine.

Geotrack lite GM Spike assisted guidance system

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Geotrack lite GM Spike assisted guidance system

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Geotrack Lite navigation system is based on Samsung's 8.7-inch display, geotrack software and GM Spike receiver. The system kit has an entry level of accuracy that will allow you to control the machine equipped with a wide-reaching unit during field work such as spraying, spreading fertilizers and applying plant protection products. The GM Spike external receiver is designed to improve the sensitivity and quality of the satellite signal.

The system displays information for guidance of the equipment, records the trajectory of the equipment in the form of a track and accurately calculates the cultivated area. Thanks to the licensed geotrack software, working with this kit will be convenient and easy. It has an intuitive menu, so it does not require special training of the operator.

Synchronization of fields and works via Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE with the Agroprofile portal will greatly facilitate work with the device and provide the possibility of remote control of workers who are in the field.

The agricultural guidance system is suitable for such works as spraying plants against weeds and pests and application of mineral and organic fertilizers. The joint use of the GM Spike receiver and the geotrack program makes it possible to control agricultural machinery in the field in conditions of poor vision - at night, in fog, in conditions of heavy dust.

  1. Tablet 8.7 inches
  2. Receiver GM Spike
  3. Mobile application geotrack
  4. Tablet holder (windshield suction cup)
  5. 12V cigarette lighter adapter
  • Guidance from pass-to-pass
  • Area measurement
  • Treatment of saved fields
  • Determining the treated area
  • Visualization of the treated area
  • Displaying the movement speed
  • Displaying azimuth
  • Five guidance patterns
  • Adjustment of width of equipment (to centimeters)
  • Online technical support
  • Saving a field map
  • Automatic saving works
  • Specifying Job Types (spraying, etc.)
  • Online sync with Agroprofile
Operating modes:
  • Area measurement
  • Area measurement with offset
  • Free guidance mode
  • Straight A-B
  • Curve A-B 
  • Perimeter - Straight A-B
  • Perimeter - Curve A-B
What data is displayed while driving:
  • Treated area
  • Travelled length
  • Speed of movement
  • Number of satellites
  • Satellite signal quality (HDOP)
  • Visual guidance tips
  • Calculation of working time
  • Count overlapping
  • Visualization of overlapping
  • Ratio: work done / in process
Useful links
Quality control of field works

The new geotrack software has many functions to determine the quality of work: displaying the treated area, visualization of overlapping in a darker color. The system automatically captures the quality of field processing in real time.

Fuel economy

Assisted guidance between rows will allow not to return to the treated areas for their completion. Field processing will be more controlled and accurate.

Save time and money

The agricultural guidance system is able to work at any time of day or night, in any weather, in fog, dust and poor visibility.

Saving herbicides and seeds

The agronavigator will allow to control precisely equipment between passes that will allow to distribute accurately and economically herbicides, sowing materials and other resources during field works.

Full synchronization with the office

This navigation kit has a built-in WI-FI module. With the help of wireless data transmission agronavigator will be constantly in touch with the online account Agroprofile. The manager will be able to monitor the progress of work in real time. The whole eco-system from the GeoMeter company allows you to change the quality of preparation and execution of works for the better.

Online technical support

It is very important to receive technical support from the supplier at the right time. Developers from GeoMeter company has taken this into account in its new development: devices with geotrack software can be tested and maintained using remote access, a company specialist will be able to connect to your display without leaving the field. To use this feature, you need an Internet connection via Wi-Fi.

Product videos:
  • Accuracy:
    30-50 cm
  • Number of channels:
  • Sattelite systems:
    GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Beidou
  • Frequency:
    1-10 Hz
  • Bluetooth:
  • RAM:
    3 Gb
  • Integrated memory:
    32 Gb
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