Best deal on our products for UK and EU customers with zero tariffs on all goods from Ukraine.
Best deal on our products for UK and EU customers with zero tariffs on all goods from Ukraine.

Cooperation with companies

We offer win-win cooperation for entrepreneurs and companies that work in agribusiness, GPS measurements and other industries that are looking for a way to diversify their business or expand their trade offers.

The product offers for partners

  1. Geometer SCOUT software for measuring area, distance, waypoints. Advanced features for editing objects. Working with Bluetooth receivers, working with professional RTK equipment. Data exchange with cloud storage.
  2. Geotrack software for agricultural guidance. An easy way to create your own agro-navigation system, which has all the necessary functions and modes of operation. High accuracy of fields treatment is the key to economic efficiency.
  3. Geotrack explorer Plus agricultural guidance system. Whole set of reliable equipment. Branded kit with high quality components for successful work in the field. Fully sealed monitor, built-in geotrack software, docking station for connecting additional devices, RAM mount. Possibility to use the sprayer computer for automatic control of the sprayer sections.
  4. High-precision GNSS receivers to work with mobile applications and controllers from different manufacturers that are suitable for any industry: agriculture, forestry, construction, landscaping, surveying, utilities, gas and oil, police and urban security.
  5. Base stations for working with RTK receivers, as well as server software for building a network of base stations and creating coverage in the region or the whole country.

Support of our partners

Our team of experts provides training and technical support as well as product promotion support.

Financial profit for partners

We work with each of the partners for individual agreements, which include the percentage of the discount (partner price), terms of delivery and shipment of products, terms of payment for products.
The terms of cooperation primarily depend on the sales volume of the partner, the quality of work with customers of our products and the term of cooperation with us.