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Best deal on our products for UK and EU customers with zero tariffs on all goods from Ukraine.

DIGITALS software for land management and cartography

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DIGITALS software for land management and cartography

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Digitals software provides automation of surveying work from processing field measurements to creating exchange files, cadastral plans and technical documentation. Does not require additional programs such as AutoCAD or MapInfo. Creates graphic and text documents based on templates, allowing you to automate the process and easily adapt it to any requirements. In Digitals you can create topographic and special maps and plans, accumulate cadastral database, build terrain models and model horizontals, calculate areas and volumes, view maps in three dimensions, use satellite images, orthophotos and scanned maps, create text and graphic documentation.

Advantages of Digitals:
  • all geodesy and land management in one licensed program;
  • compatibility and versatility;
  • universal platform with a huge set of features;
  • powerful cartographic core;
  • professional development team;
  • download satellite images from Google Maps and Virtual Earth;
  • insert into the map and merging many rasters;
  • multi-user mode;
  • developed tools for editing maps and plans;
  • built-in programming language;
  • work with raster images;
  • display maps in three dimensions.

Processing geodetic measurements (Geodesy module)
Allows you to import data from most files of electronic total stations or enter the measurement log manually, build various types of theodolite traverses, carry out their joint verification with the issuance of reports on the results. Performs error checking on input data with the ability to correct measurements. The pickets obtained as a result of coordinates verification are then transferred to the Digitals main module.

Creation of table-text reports (Reports module)
Allows you to automatically create ready-to-print documents, such as a catalog of coordinates, a land book, a registration card, etc. Based on the information contained in a map or exchange file. Based on the Fast Reports core. All document templates are user-configurable. It is possible to create your own reports and documents. Contains a built-in language that allows you to additionally process data when generating a report. The module fully automates the issuance of technical documentation for a land plot.

Semi-automatic vectorizer (Topotracer module)
The vectorizer is optimized for digitizing topographic elements such as contour lines, dotted contours, elevations, etc. It is also used for semi-automatic vectorization of various schemes and plans. Allows you to perform vectorization without pre-processing and bringing the raster to monochrome view. Contains tools for quickly assigning horizon heights, editing objects, smoothing/decimating contours, adding semantic information. A convenient digitizing process does not require constant switching to manual mode when passing difficult sections - this is done automatically. Provides fast work with bitmaps of several gigabytes in size. Easy to learn and use.

Verification of cadastral exchange XML files (XMLChecker module)
Checking the correctness of data filling in XML when it is written. Shows geometry and attribute errors found and helps in fixing them. Also converts In4 exchange files to XML. Contains a built-in scripting language that allows you to change and customize the validation criteria

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Single-frequency kit with decimeter accuracy on a free satellite signal and with the ability to obtain RTK L1 accuracy. The kit consists of a rugged smartphone with geometer SCOUT software installed and a GM SMART GNSS receiver with accessories. 

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Special kit for positioning with centimeter RTK accuracy and obtaining high-precision coordinates. The set consists of a dual-frequency GNSS receiver GM RTK, rugged smartphone with geodetic software installed.

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Multi-frequency GNSS GM SMART M KIT. The receiver has 965 channels, receives a signal from satellite systems GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, QZSS, IRNSS. Receiver works with L1, L2, L5 bands. The receiver is designed for performing of surveying works, such as: stakeout, determination of the exact boundaries of sites, land surveying, field area measurement, stake out points, stake out lines, GIS survey, stakeout roads, cross-section measurement, slope staking, power line survey, height control and other functions. The kit comes in a sealed shockproof box.